Vistage Key Executive Group Meetings in San Antonio

Connect with executives from the C suite and small business owners who are striving for excellence and navigating a corporate landscape or the challenges of running your own small business.  The goal of the group is to empower one another to grow and reach greater levels of success.  Members discuss personal and professional challenges in a highly confidential setting that is geared to help drive your career or business forward.  You are meeting with other high performing peers who are helping you become a better leader.

The group meets monthly for a full day to tackle the most pressing challenges and get unbiased feedback to help you think critically and decide effective options or solutions.  The group meetings are facilitated by Charles Marino and designed to tap the power of the executive peers to develop skills and achieve real results.  Included with the monthly meetings, there are up to eight speaker program workshops annually conducted by nationally recognized subject matter experts.  There is an online community of over 23,000 members worldwide and a resource library.  Webinars are available for you and your staff.

Upcoming Key Executive Group Meetings

The 30 Minute Marketing Plan

Date: November 6, 2019

Wednesday Key Executive Group

Eric Keiles Vistage Speaker

Speaker: Eric Keiles

This introduction to “Reality Marketing” will give you a new perspective on how to market your company in tough times. Your companies are not Fortune 500 companies, so they shouldn’t advertise like one!

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Topic: Action Dialogue — Piercing Conversations

Date: January 8, 2020

Wednesday Key Executive Group

Craig Weber Vistage Speaker

Speaker: Craig Weber

In this highly interactive workshop, Craig Weber works with members to help them learn a rigorous, highly useable method for crafting conversations that answer this critical question: “how can I be honest, direct and authentic in confronting tough issues in a way that actually educates and encourages others to do the same?”

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Topic: The Art & Science of Coaching

Date: May 6, 2020

Wednesday Key Executive Group

Irina Baranov Vistage Speaker

Speaker: Irina Baranov

In this fun and highly interactive workshop, participants will learn how coaching is different from other forms of leading and managing, and the key elements of coaching well.

They will learn and practice techniques that they will be able to use immediately themselves, as well as teach them to others on their team.

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Topic: Creating a Productive Selling Zone

Date: August 12, 2020

Wednesday Key Executive Group

John Boyens Vistage Speaker

Speaker: John Boyens

This highly interactive seminar includes the sharing of sales and sales management “best practices” information from a variety of industries across the globe. Attendees will walk away with tools, processes and concepts that can use in their business right away.

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Topic: Task Mastery — Getting the Right Things Done to Work Well and Play More

Date: October 7, 2020

Wednesday Key Executive Group

Marcey Rader Vistage Speaker

Speaker: Marcey Rader

Do you have trouble prioritizing and focusing on income-generating activity?

Do you need ways to be more efficient at work and home to have more free time?

There’s no winner in who’s the busiest. We want to work on our business, not our busyness.

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Topic: Epic Customer Service

Date: November 11, 2020

Wednesday Key Executive Group

Jill Campen Vistage Speaker

Speaker: Jill Campen

Service excellence is a “process” not a “program”.  Processes have continuous loops of reengagement…programs often come to an end.  There are no quick fixes.  The concept of excellent service is simple…the practice is not easy.

Learn how to Engage, Prepare, Ignite and Connect your team to sustain loyalty with both customers and staff.

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Topic: Thriving in Chaos

Date: December 2, 2020

Wednesday Key Executive Group

Corinne Hancock Vistage Speaker

Speaker: Corinne Hancock

Using Corinne’s Chaos Ready Framework, we’ll explore how to get your company chaos ready and how to stay in a mindset focused on solutions when chaos hits. We will explore what you do, how you respond and who you are as a leader during times of chaos.

Participants will gain practical tools and ideas for how to rise to the occasion and to empower others, regardless of their chaotic situation.

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